About Us

Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR) is a voluntary nonprofit social/cultural organization in Denmark. This constitution is to be followed and used by all registered members of Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally.

The Vision, Mission, & Goals,


The vision of the Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally is to provide a leadership with a common voice for mobilizing and unifying the African community in Denmark.


Our mission is to strengthen the collaboration and create a synergy between the African organizations/associations in Denmark.


Our goal is to have a reliable platform that promotes the contribution of the Africans in Denmark to act as a development actor for Africa through the establishment of an African Denmark Diaspora platform (ADDR).



   Objectives of the Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally

  • Provide support in the establishment of a functioning Danish platform of African organisations working on issues related to Africans.
  • Improve coordination, communication and corporation of activities undertaken by African organisations, through the development of tools and mechanism to share information, knowledge and expertise.
  • Enhance capacities of African organisations to meaningfully participate in the development process in Africa by building strategic partnerships. (Act as a bridge between Denmark and Africa)
  • Build a strong network and link with other African experts and organisations to avoid duplication and foster dialogue and communication.
  • Build trust, transparency and accountability.
  • To promote development, education and culture through various activities.
  • To express the views/opinions of Africans living in Denmark through various communication channels.


 Guiding Principles
 The importance of the guiding principles is to safeguard the ethical values of Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally, by exercising in the following areas:


Accountability and Transparency

All members of the organization are accountable. This is being embodied in the General Assembly members, Advisory Board members, members of the Executive Committee and volunteers. Transparency is built on an open, free flow and sharing of information and direct access to it, with no hindrance when it is needed.


There shall not be autocratic decisions, but all agreements will be solicited with consensus of the members. Good governance will be exercised to mediate differing interests to reach most and best interests of the group.

Gender, Equity and Equality

Ensure equity and equal rights for participation, respect and treatment of members of the organization regardless of gender and religion.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

All implemented activities of the organization shall be based on a result-oriented approach and with optimal use of resource


  The Executive Board members.

Chairman: Peter Ntende – Uganda  - chairman@addrally.org

Vice Chairlady: Joy Okoye – South Africa - vicechairlady@addrally.org

Secretary General: Syriaque Ta Thomsen – Ivory Coast - secretarygeneral@addrally.org

IT- Administrator: Georgina Nabwire Mwachiru – Kenya –  info@addrally.org 

Finance Manager: Hassan Lasineh Dyfan – Sierra Leone

Financial Controller: Lartey Godwin Larson – Ghana

Communication Manager: Shey Tatah D. L – Cameroon

Partnership Manager: Edgar Ikombo – Congo

Cultural Manager: Chernoh Jalloh – Sierra Leone

Regional Outreach: Henry Adika – Cameroon

Marketing Manager: Mary Muthoni – Kenya